Our Services

Founded in 1999, Quality People have extensive experience in a variety of Software Quality related fields. See below for a list of just some of our services.
Quality Consulting

We provide a complete end-to-end study of your software development lifecycle and produce a detailed analysis of its Quality Assurance needs. Regardless of the size of your development team, we will ensure you have the best QA advice at the best price, enabling you to produce reliable, efficient software.



Test Automation

Our team have extensive experience with the latest Automation tools from vendors such as Rational and Mercury. Whether you are concerned with Functional, Stress or Performance testing, we will provide a complete automated test solution for your business.


Security Consulting

From man-in-the-middle attacks to SQL injection, today's hackers have evolved a plethora of tricks and tools to compromise many networks. We advise on how best to incorporate robust security testing into your development enviroment, whether giving security seminars to your developers or providing security focussed test packs.

Functional Testing

Our consultants have extensive experience of providing complete functional test packs for a wide variety of applications, from Financial Services to Educational Applications, Productivity Suites to Security Solutions. Whether web-based or standalone, your system will benefit from the best functional testing available.



We provide first-rate seminars and tutorials incorporating extensive course materials for the latest software testing methodologies. We also provide training in applications such as ClearQuest and Mercury QTP as well as giving tutorials to your QA team on topics such as SQL, VB and Linux.

Technical Testing

Quality People have extensive experience using 'back-end' technologies such as XML or Unix shell scripts to bypass the GUI interface and directly test the core components of a system. We provide analysis, advice and structured test solutions to ensure that your mission critical components are exhaustively tested. No matter what technologies you use, our expert consultants are ready.